Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Managing Stress Naturally: Yoga Postures for Stress Managment

Stress is natural and unavoidable. Stress can be physical or mental and is attributed to causes within a person or in their external environment. With modernization and changing lifestyle patterns, the level of mental stress experienced by individuals is increasing rampantly. Mental stress can affect anyone, but there are different ways in which mental stress can be managed effectively. Yoga is an ancient Indian system, which is known to instill peace and harmony within an individual and help them fight stress. Stress Management often requires a multi-disciplinary approach which comprises of dietary modification, lifestyle modifications, yoga and exercise, etc. This article provides insights into management of stress using simple yoga postures which helps an individual to connect to their inner soul and help ward off the detrimental environmental stressors.

Stress can impact
all spheres of Life
Manifestations of Stress: Symptoms of poorly managed Stress

Excess stress can manifest with a wide range of symptoms which can include physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Though an individual has a natural mechanism which helps them manage stress, often excessive stress burden can result in manifestation of the following set of symptoms, 
Individuals with excessive levels of stress are also at the risk of excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco smoking.

Stress Management with Yoga: Yoga Posture to control Stress Naturally
The Brahma Mudra in Padmasana is a wonderful pose that has a deep, soothing and relaxing effect. You will feel a wave of complete relaxation and peace sweep over you. The details of performing the technique are listed below, 
    Padmasana or the lotus
    pose helps improve
    concentration and fight stress
  • Sit in Padmasana (lotus pose). Keep your hands on to your lap.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale, and very, very slowly, turn your head to the left. The slower you move, the deeper is the relaxation. (You should be able to count up to 10 -12, when you turn the head.)
  • Hold for a few second, then exhale and come back to position one.
  • Then, inhale and turn the head to the right. Exhale and return.
  • Inhale and tilt the head backwards, slowly and gently. Exhale and return.
  • Inhale and tip the head forwards, so that your chin touches the chest. Exhale and return.
  • This completes one round of the asana. 3 rounds are recommended, to experience the healing and soothing benefits.
It’s a good idea to begin your day with the Brahma Mudra, since it clears your mind, and prepares you to handle the day ahead of you efficiently.

Stress and Yoga: An interdisciplinary approach to manage Stress Naturally

It is vital to remember that stress management often works effectively when it is tried with an interdisciplinary approach. Yoga postures are known to instill peace and calm, however when used in combination with other therapies like aromatherapy and dietary modifications the effect of yoga is enhanced considerably.

Including mood foods in the diet can help an individual remain calm and reduce the alteration in the mood patterns. Further aromatherapy is also considered to pacify the mind and when used in combination with yoga, it is known to produce great and beneficial results.

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