Online Health and Medical Consultations

Online consultations will provide you the best medical solution for the underlying ailment, using the alternative therapy route.This is a  which is aimed at providing you personalized medical solution for your ailment.
The procedure for online consultation is exhaustive and comprehensive but easy. Here's how :
  • The consultation commences with you filling up a questionnaire, regarding your chief complaint, associated symptoms, and preliminary data.
  • Next, on the basis of the ailment, you will be provided with another questionnaire that is a lot more exhaustive, and requires detailed answers, that are specific to your problem. For example, once, we have ascertained that your chief complaint is asthma, we will ask certain specific and pertinent questions to establish the various details of the medical condition, like duration, periodicity, intensity, etc.
  • That done, our team of experts will tell you about foods that you should eat, dietary modifications / incorporations, lifestyle changes, and various guidelines, to expedite cure.
  • You can rest assured, that we provide optimum health care and wellness solutions through a meticulous, careful, and extensive system.
At this junction we dont provide homeopathic medical treatment online to our patients. Please feel free to contact me on with your specific query.

The objective of online health consultations is primarily aimed at spreading awareness about the potential benefits of natural treatment. In order to cover basic operational cost, we charge a nominal fee of $ 10 per consultation. You can make these payments using paypal account details which will be shared at a later stage.

We hope to spread awareness about the strength of natural medicine and create a new wave of health across the globe.

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