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Home Remedy for Allergies: Homeopathy for Allergy

Garden flowers rarely cause allergy as their pollen are quite heavy and can’t be carried by air alone. The culprit is often grass pollen, ragweed, mould and dust, along with an overactive immune system. Homeopathy and home remedies provide complete solutions for effective management of all forms of allergies.

What is Allergy?
Child with Allergic Rhinitis
Millions of people suffer from different forms of allergies, often acquired by performing simple tasks like dusting the shelves, petting a cat, eating certain foods, etc. Allergies are caused primarily due to an overactive immune system, which reacts to the various allergens in a distorted manner. Fortunately, there are simple and effective home remedies that are useful in the management of most types of allergic conditions.

Allergy Symptoms
Allergies normally affect the skin and the respiratory system. Depending upon the severity of the allergic reaction, the common allergy symptoms include,
  • Skin Symptoms like itching, eczema, urticaria, etc
  • Upper Respiratory Symptoms like nasal congestion, nose blockage and congestion,
  • Lower Respiratory Symptoms like breathlessness, wheezing, asthma,etc
  • Other symptoms include headache, burning and watering of the eyes, etc
  • In severe cases allergic reaction can be associated with anaphylactic shock.

Allergy Causes
Allergic Reaction on Skin
Under normal conditions, the human immune system only responds to bacteria, viruses or other harmful substances that enter the body through different sources. However, in individuals with an overactive immune system, the body tends to respond to even harmless particles such as pollen, dust, moulds, etc. Some common allergy causes include,

  • Seasonal allergies triggered by grass pollen or ragweed
  • Perennial allergies triggered by household dust, animal hair, molds, etc
  • Allergy causes include harsh chemicals, food ingredients like seafood, preservatives, etc
  • Some experts believe that an inadequate intake of nutrients and exposure to pollutants also contribute to development of allergy.
  • Heredity is also considered as one of the leading allergy causes

Home Remedy for Allergies
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin C help in strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effects; while Vitamin A specifically acts on the respiratory passages and reduces congestion. Pantothenic Acid helps reduce nasal congestion.
  • Ephedra, an herb is considered to be very useful in decongesting the respiratory passage and helps alleviate symptoms associated with allergy.
  • An infusion of Eyebright or Elder, in 5 ml of hot water, taken thrice a day is considered to be highly beneficial.
  • Herbal Tea for Allergies
  • Herbal tea made from ginger, peppermint or anise has a strong decongestion effect. Consuming four cups of herbal tea daily is decidedly beneficial. 

Homeopathy for Allergy
Homeopathy has been found to be fairly effective in the treatment of different forms of allergic reactions:
  • Homeopathic drugs like Apis Mel (in case of weal formation) and Sulphur (in case of severe itching) taken in low dosages, repeated over six times a day, have shown positive results in the treatment of skin allergies.
  • Euphrasia and Allium Cepa have proven beneficial in the management of upper respiratory symptoms, namely, burning of eyes, watery nose, sore throat, etc. Belledona manages headaches associated with allergic symptoms promptly.
  • Biochemic drug Silicea, taken in low potency, up to eight times a day, boosts immunity and hastens recovery.

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  1. I have struggle with allergies my entire life, and they've gotten progressively worse as I've gotten older. Prescription drugs have always been last resort for me so I've been looking for more homeopathic remedies. These remedies looks like they could be quite useful in my search for new ways to find relief.

    Sara Welsh |