Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff: Dry Scalp Remedies and Hair Tips

Estimates suggest that dandruff, a milder form of seborrheic dermatitis affects approximately 15-20% of the population. Epidemiological patterns suggest that dandruff is relatively more common among males compared to females and is estimated to be one of the common causes of hair loss. The onset of dandruff is observed during puberty, but can also peak after the age of forty years, when it is considered relatively less severe. Using Aroma oils for the management of dandruff has proven highly effective. This article is provides certain hair care tips and suggestions to manage dandruff using aromatherapy.
What is Dandruff: Dry Scalp Remedies
Dandruff, also referred to as scurf affects the scalp and is responsible for flaking of the skin. This condition is relatively common. Under normal conditions, the skin cells rejuvenate themselves on regular basis. As new cells on the scalp are generated, the older cells are pushed to the surface. Dandruff occurs when the renewal of the skin cells is faster compared to normal, which implies that there is more dead skin cells that are shed on regular basis, which makes dandruff visible.
Further, with a greater percentage of dead skin, the scalp becomes more prone to infections as sweat and dirt gets accumulated in the scalp. This in turn result in hair loss and hair damage.

The judicious use of aroma oils helps rejuvenate and revive the scalp, fight toxins, and check infections and prevents premature greying of hair. Essential oils have been used for hair treatment since ages. Research and scientific studies have backed the fact, that essential oils help in the balancing of sebum production and promote a healthy scalp and luxuriant hair.

Tea tree oil for dandruff management: Aroma Therapy for Dry Scalp

Aroma Oils and Tea Tree to manage Dandruff
The Tea - tree essential oil is very beneficial for scalp and hair disorders. It is the most medicinal of all the essential oils, and helps combat the most obstinate cases of infection-related dandruff. A scalp massage with Tea tree oil, several times in a week will help put a stop to dandruff. Aroma oils also have the potential to calm and soothe frayed nerves, and de-stress you, thus helping you cope with emotional upheavals (which contribute to dandruff significantly).

Hair care tips: Natural Dandruff Treatment and Remedies
  • Keep your scalp clean. Dirt and grime clog the pores, and increase the susceptibility to infections. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Washing your hair every alternate day is a must, especially when you hair is exposed to so much of dirt and pollution. 
  • Once-a-week scalp massage will do wonders to your scalp. Use coconut oil or olive oil to massage and lubricate the scalp regularly.
  • After a visit to the salon, ensure that you clean your hair and scalp thoroughly. You are likely to pick up a host of infectious agents there. 
  • Diet plays a crucial role in promoting hair growth

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