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Virgin Olive Oil Benefits: Keep Heart Healthy and Lose Weight Quickly

Olive oil is a prime component of a Mediterranean Diet, and recent study findings indicate that it is associated with reduced mortality due to cardiovascular disorders and other metabolic disorders like diabetes. Olive oil is loaded with Vitamins and Anti-oxidants which are beneficial in providing protective action against atherosclerosis. Olive oil is the only vegetable oil which can be consumed as it is and doesn’t need to be processed. The benefits of olive oil in protecting the heart by reducing cholesterol levels has been of profound interest and various health experts recommended it regular use.

Olive Oil prevents
plaque formation
Olive Oil Benefits: Health Benefits of Olive Oil for Heart
Scientific studies conducted around the world, reveal the multiple benefits of olive oil. By ingesting olive oil, instead of saturated animal fats, we can prevent atherosclerosis (plaque deposition within the arteries) and consequently heart disorders. How does olive oil make people healthier?

  • Research says that particles of LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol, in the blood, that are made up of olive oil, are less likely to be oxidized, as compared to other oils and fats. Studies have shown that oxidized LDL adheres to the arteries and forms plaque, that causes narrowing of the arteries and results in heart attacks. Lower levels of oxidized LDL prevent plaque formation and thereby prevent atherosclerosis.
  • Importantly, clinical trials have revealed that when saturated fat is totally eliminated from the diet, and is replaced by olive oil, there occurred a 13.4 % drop in the total cholesterol level and an 18 % drop in the LDL level.
  • Olive and olive oil are packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins in the form of Vitamin A, D and E. These vitamins aid in reducing oxidative damage to the arterial walls and thereby protect the heart.
  • Olives also decrease blood pressure levels in people with hypertension
Lose Weight Quickly with Olive Oil: Virgin Olive Oil Benefits
Studies have shown that use of Virgin Olive oil aids in the process of weight loss. This ability of olive oil has gained it wide reputation in the western world as a healthy fat. There are several different ways in which olive oil helps in reducing weight,
  • Virgin olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which create a sense of fullness relatively sooner than Saturated fats or Trans Fats. As per a study conducted in the United States, it was observed that Individuals who consumed bread with olive oil, ate upto 23% less than individuals consuming bread with butter. This ability of olive oil to reduce an individuals food calorie intake is considered to be highly beneficial in weight loss
  • Various Scientists claim that monounsaturated fats get metabolised in a different way compared to Saturated fats or Trans Fats.Though the exact mechanism is still not clearly known it is belived to contribute to weight loss 
  • As per another study published in British Journal of Nutrition in 2003, conducted on rats, it was observed that monounsaturated fats promote break down of stored fat in the body. This is another factor which Virgin Olive Oil is considered beneficial in weight loss.
What is important to note is, that these favorable benefits became evident only when the unhealthy oils and fats were removed from the diet, and olive oil was incorporated, rather that only including olive oil.

Olive oil Nutritional Facts: Healthy Heart and Weight Loss
Olives are an excellent source of oleic acid. They are a good source of Vitamin E and Vitamin A which are essential to fight plaques and prevent atherosclerosis. Olive oil also contains additional antioxidants in the form of – flavanoids and oleuroprein.
As per various claims consuming upto about 13.5 grams of olive oil is considered to not result in weight gain among American Adults. On the other hand, Food and Drug Administration, United States claims that consumption of upto 23 grams of Virgin Olive oil is considered to keep the heart healthy and free from coronary artery disease.

Consuming Olive Oil is
more beneficial than Olives
Avoid Olives for a Healthy Heart: Virgin Olive Oil Benefits

Olives are always soaked in concentrated brine solution, and this leaves the final product very salty. As a result, people with high blood pressure need to eliminate olives from the diet, due to the high salt content, which can have a counter effect on control of blood pressure, although they can definitely opt for extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extracts.

Olive oil health benefits are vast and far-reaching, and incorporating the oil in to your daily diet will definitely reap huge dividends. Local application of olive oil is also considered to fight the signs of aging and keep the skin healthy and toned.

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