Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Tea for Cancer Prevention: Promotes Cardiac Health and Aids in Weight Loss

Researchers at the University of Kansas identified the main antioxidant in green tea is EGCG, which is considered to be hundred times more powerful than Vitamin C and twenty five times more potent that Vitamin E in protecting DNA from damage and thereby reducing the risk of developing cancer. Further Green tea leaves are loaded with Vitamin K which is essential for blood clotting and improving liver health. Always drink green tea in the traditional Asian technique to enjoy the taste and its benefits.

Green Tea protects against
Green Tea Prevents Cancer: Benefits of Green Tea in Cancer Prevention

Green tea has been beneficial in the management of wide range of cancers. In a large scale cross-sectional study conducted in China, it was observed that men and women who consumed green tea at least once a week for six months had lower rates of rectal, colon and pancreatic cancer compared to those who didn’t drink the tea at all. Also researchers have suggested that green tea can be potentially beneficially in management of breast cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancers.

Green tea is loaded with an anti-oxidant, a polyphenol EGCG (epigallacatechin-gallate), which is considered to be loaded with potent anti-cancer properties. EGCG signals cancer cells to undertake programmed cell death (apoptosis), as per a study in Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University.

In addition, Green tea prevents the production of urokinase, an enzyme which stimulates cancer cell regeneration, as per a research study conducted in Ohio Medical College.

Green Tea promotes
Cardiac Health
Green Tea for Cardiac Health: Green Tea for Teeth

As per test tube studies conducted in Japan, green tea suppresses the damage caused by LDL cholesterol which results in formation of plaques on the arteries. This beneficial action of Green Tea helps in promoting cardiac health.

Green tea is also loaded with fluoride, which has an antibacterial effect and prevents tooth decay. This trace mineral reacts with the enamel of the tooth and makes it 50-70% less susceptible to decay or gum damage and helps get beautiful white teeth.

Green Tea for Weight Loss: Treating Obesity with Green Tea
In a set of separate studies conducted on laboratory rats, it is observed that green tea is beneficial in burning down fats and also effective in controlling cholesterol levels in the blood.

Though no long term studies are conducted on humans, in two separate studies conducted in Japan, the findings were promising,

In the first study it was observed that twelve week of consumption of green tea extract (catechin, an antioxidant) aided in weight loss and helped in controlling obesity.

In another study to observe the benefits of green tea extract in reducing weight, it was observed that men with consuming green tea extract in combination with caffeine burned down more calories of energy per day, then compared to individuals consuming only green tea or only caffeine.

Directions to Use Green Tea: Asian Technique to Prepare Green Tea

There is a unique way in which green tea is prepared. Following this technique helps accentuate the delicate flavor of green tea.
  • Boil a cup of water and then pour the hot water on a teaspoon of green tea leaves.
  • Let the mixture brew for a few minutes (about two to four minutes)
  • Now strain and drink when warm.
Avoid drinking boiling hot green tea, as boiling water can cause damage to the throat and esophagus, resulting in increased risk of developing cancer. Drinking tea in the traditional Asian Technique is very helpful and healthy. 

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