Thursday, August 23, 2012

Water Therapy and Its Astounding Benefits: Practicing Hydrotherapy for Weight Loss

Water therapy helps cleanse the body of all toxic, built up wastes and also assists in shedding excess weight. Hydrotherapy comprises of consuming 4 to 6 glasses (about 1.5 liters) of water as soon as you get up. While water therapy is linked with health benefits like weight loss and healthy skin, there are certain precautions that need to be taken before embarking on this regimen.
Water Exerts Several Vital Health Benefits

Benefits of Water Therapy: Hydrotherapy for Health

Our body is made up of 75 % water; much of this gets lost via urination, perspiration and exhalation.
Water therapy helps the body to constantly stock up on the lost water, thereby allowing it to rapidly and effectively drive out noxious wastes from the body.
Water therapy helps detoxify your body; consequently, your metabolic rate goes up, improves digestion and assimilation get pepped up and you will lose surplus and unwanted weight. Water therapy also promises you a wonderful, glowing and radiant skin.

Water Therapy for Weight Loss: Hydrotherapy Benefits for Skin

Research and clinical trials have demonstrated that water therapy facilitates weight loss by reducing the need of the body to store fat cells. The increased amount of water results in a lesser intake of food, given that, you will not feel hungry as often
Water Therapy Promises
Weight Loss and a Radiant Skin

Water also helps boost and perk up the metabolism, by as much as 40 %, which means that you are burning fat faster

Furthermore, water aids in digestion by breaking down the food in to smaller particles, so that your system can digest them easily. This helps in the elimination of toxins, and flushes out excess of salt from your system (salt has a tendency to increase body weight by retaining water). 

Water therapy is also known to help in providing a healthy and glowing skin as it naturally detoxifies the body.

How Does One Practice Water Therapy?: Practicing Hydrotherapy for Weight Loss

Here are a few tips on how to practice hydrotherapy to avail its benefits,

  • You begin your day with about 4 to 6 glasses of water. Do not consume anything for 1 hour after this. Drinking water early in the morning helps rectify the imbalance within the body caused due to metabolic activities during the night.
  • Try to drink 2 to 3 glasses every hour. Preferably drink lukewarm water, as too hot or too cold water can alter the internal hemostatsis of the body and affect your immunity and making you prone to conditions like heartburns, common cold, etc.
  • Through the day, you drink about 16 to 18 glasses of water. This can be rather difficult at first; so gradually increase your intake.
  • Drink water slowly, rather than gulping it down. This will help the body regulate internal hemostasis.
  • Yoga and exercise helps eliminate the water present in your body, so that there is place for more. Thus an increased elimination of water helps get rid of all the noxious wastes effectively; thereby detoxifying your body.
Water Therapy Precautions: Cautions of Hydrotherapy

As is with all therapeutic methods, there is a certain risk associated with water therapy as well; too much water in the body is considered hazardous, and can trigger water intoxication.

Accordingly, it would be advisable to consult a water therapist before embarking on the therapy. Furthermore, you must gradually ease into the process of drinking the amount of water required in the program.

Never compel yourself to drink the 18 glasses on the first day itself, since it is a large quantity of water, and you aren’t used to drinking that much under normal conditions. 

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