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Essential Oils to Relieve Stiff Muscles: Benefits of Sports Massage

Muscles enable our body to move through interaction with the joints. Muscles are influenced by aromatherapy massage through relaxation of the whole body. Experts advocate using aromatherapy for tight back muscles, muscle stiffness and sore neck muscles; a massage will yield surprisingly instant results.

Muscle Stiffness Causes: Benefits of Aromatherapy for Relief

After prolonged exercise, the muscles tend to become tense, stiff, fatigued and painful; an aroma oil deep tissue massage, using anti-spasmodic essential oils eases pain and tension within the muscles, increases blood circulation and also dispels waste products produced in the muscles from strenuous exertion.

Massage for Sports People
Sports Massage: Massage Using Essential Oils

A brisk, deep aromatherapy massage using an appropriate essential oil or an essential oil blend, especially after strenuous exercise releases tight, fatigued and knotted muscles.
Blend 8 to 10 drops of a suitable essential oil in 20 ml of a base oil / carrier oil, such as, almond oil, sesame seed oil or olive oil.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Therapeutic Sport  Massage Therapy: Relive Muscle Stiffness

Here are some essential aromaoils that have profound therapeutic action on reliving muscle stiffness,
  1. Lavender: Lavender is extremely useful for muscular aches and pains. It eases pain and stiffness of the muscles and helps relax them. The oil is soothing and balancing and helps restore harmony.
  2. Lemongrass: Lemongrass is often called ‘the connective tissue’ essential oil; it tightens and tones the conceive tissue. This makes it exceedingly helpful for massages after sports injuries, strains and sprains. The oil is cool and refreshing; and blends well with Lavender.
  3. Nutmeg: Nutmeg too is beneficial for muscle pains as well as painful joints. It relieves fatigue and exhaustion and uplifts the mood significantly.

Remarkable Benefits of Massage
Benefits of Essential Oils for Muscle Stiffness Relief: Benefits of Massage for Stiff Muscles
Here are some apparent benefits of massage with essential oils to relive muscle stiffness,

  • Essential oils tone and warm muscles in preparation for sports or other strenuous activity.
  • It also helps release knotted tension and fatigue after the sport.
  • Massaging the muscles just before and immediately after the sport activity generates wonderful results.
  • On the whole, the voluntary muscles or the striated muscles of the body are easily affected by massage. A massage works on the voluntary muscles and releases strain and tension.
  • Likewise, the involuntary muscles of the body also respond well to an aromatherapy massage. The involuntary muscles or smooth muscles get influenced by a complete relaxation of the body. Essential oils that have anti spasmodic properties as well as calming properties help relax the smooth muscles.
  • The heart muscle is a specialized muscle; aromatherapy can benefit the heart muscles as well. Oils that have cardiac tonic properties help strengthen the heart and promote its better functioning; thereby boosting tolerance and endurance levels appreciably.

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