Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simple Exercises and Techniques for Breast Enhancement: Yoga for Breast Augmentation

Well toned and full breasts with a perfect bust line does wonders to a female’s confidence and self esteem. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic breast implants have increased by six folds between over the past decade. In 2001 approximately $699 million were spent on cosmetic breast implants, which are anticipated to have risen to by two folds by 2010. Fortunately there are some simple yoga techniques and exercises that can help in breast enhancement without the need for surgical intervention.

Anatomy of Breast
Physiology of Breast: Cosmetic Surgery and other Breast Enhancement Techniques

Breasts comprise of fat cells, glands and ducts. The mammary glands and duct system is responsible for the production of breast milk and doesn’t depend upon the size of the breast. The fat cells on the other hand, deposited around these glands and ducts are responsible for the shape and contour of the breast. It is worthwhile to note that the breast tissue doesn’t include nay muscles, but are supported by a fine network of tissues and lie over the chest muscles referred to as the pectoralis muscles.

An average breast implant procedure can cost anywhere between $6000 to $9000 depending upon the location and age of the female. Further, breast implant surgery like any other surgery is associated with the risk of complications like bleeding from the nipples, backache to due increase weight of the breast implants, delayed healing of wounds, etc. Though breast augmentation surgery may be inevitable after radical surgery following breast cancer, simple exercises can help enhance breast in otherwise healthy women.

Though alternative non interventional options like using push up bras or breast pads or using herbal breast enhancement pills are available, they have limited role in enhancing the overall confidence of the female.

Simple Exercises for Breast Augmentation: Natural Breast Enhancement Techniques

Here are two simple techniques that help in improving the contour and size of the breast tissue. These exercises strengthen and enhance the pectoralis muscles which in turn improve the shape of the breasts.
  • Wall Press Technique: Stand with your face towards the wall. Place your palms against the wall at a distance of about two feet from each other. Now press your body towards the wall. This will create a pressure on the chest region, hold this pose for about twenty seconds and then return back to the original position. This exercise will stimulate and tone up the pectoral muscles
  • Prayer Pose: Stand erect with your hands folded in front of the chest. Inhale and press the palms forcefully against each other, till you feel pressure in the chest region. Count till twenty and then exhale. Repeat three sets of exercise each day to strengthen the pectoral muscles
Yoga Asanas for Breast Enhancement: Breast Augmentation Naturally
Bhujangasana for
the Chest

Though there are several different yoga postures that can prove beneficial in the management of breast augmentation, there are two postures that are considered very beneficial. 
  • Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose: Lie with your face facing the floor. Place your palms on either sides of your chest. Now with the help of your arms, raise the upper portion of your body from the ground to form an arc. Make sure that your forearm are above the floor while your face is looking upwards towards the sky.
  • Gomukhasana helps
    strengthen chest muscles
  • Gomukhasana or the Cow Pose: Sit in half padmasana posture. Raise your right arm. Now bend your arm over the shoulder such that the right palm touches the upper part of your back. Now twist your left arm backwards, such that your left palm and right palm touch each other. Hold this pose for a few seconds. Repeat the same with the Left arm over the shoulder and the right arm twisted backwards.
These yoga postures are exercises help enhance breast tissue mass and provide a shapely bust line. However it is always important to love your body. Accept your body and work on it. Enhance its positive attributes, but don’t be let down by its negative ones. 

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