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Top Foods to Get Rid of Dandruff : Home Remedies for Scaly Scalp Treatment Naturally

Dandruff is one of the most common skin disorders, affecting all races and geographical locations across the globe. As per an article in the in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, dandruff continues to be the most commercial exploited skin condition, however there is still ambiguity over whether dandruff needs to be treated or not. However, studies have shown that dandruff continues to be the leading cause of hair loss. Fortunately, there are several home remedies and natural cures that can help in the effective management of the condition.

What is Dandruff?: Scaly Scalp Causes

Dandruff refers to the flaking of the scalp and is characterized by flakes / dust which dot the hair or fall to the shoulders. Various physiological assessments have shown that normal scaling involves falling off of 487,000 cells per sq cm. However in individuals suffering from dandruff, the scaling of cells doubles to 800,000 cells per sq cm. Dandruff is a non inflammatory skin disorder and the real cause of dandruff formation has not been clearly understood till date. However there are certain factors that have been identified and linked with dandruff,

Seborrheic Dermatitis causes

  • Stress is a significant contributing factor to the occurrence of dandruff. Strain, anxiety, and emotional disturbances, all, take their toll. The hair and the scalp are one of the very first organs of the body to be affected by the lethal effects of stress. It signals the need to take better care of your health and body.
  • Inadequate nourishment is another major cause. A deficiency of vital nutrients that are necessary for a healthy scalp, cause it to flake. The condition is aggravated by the consumption of refined and processed foods, which further deplete the body of nutrients.
  • Poor hygiene and too little care of your hair and scalp, and subsequent infection are other important causes.
Symptoms Associated with Itchy and Scaly Scalp: Dandruff Symptoms

The apparent manifestation is the presence of scalp flakes. Occasionally, the scalp could come off in crusts or lumps. Itching is a common accompanying symptom. A causative skin infection may be detected.

 There are 2 types of dandruff:
  • Dry dandruff: small particles of the skin flake off the scalp, and get trapped in the hair and fall off.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: over production of sebum, causes the excess of sebum to get trapped within the scalp, which then tends to get infected, causing itching, scabbing, and inflammation. This is a more severe form of dandruff, and is associated with, the scalp coming off in crusts or lumps.
Foods to Get Rid of Dandruff: Diet for Scaly Scalp Treatment

Here are some simple dietary and food suggestions for the management of a scaly scalp and treatment of dandruff,
  1. Eliminate all fatty, greasy, and refined foods from the diet for a period of 3 to 6 months, and later on, curtail their intake considerably. Stay away from processed food and Trans Fats, they provide only empty calories, no nutrition.
  2. Regular consumption of
    Fruits fight Dandruff
  3. Vitamin A and Vitamin C supplements are beneficial in management of scalp problems as the former improves the local conditions while the later enhances immunity to fight infections.
  4. Drink plenty of water through the day. Water prevents a sluggishness of the bowels and drives out toxins.
  5. Ensure that bowel movement is satisfactory. Constipation worsens dandruff. Increase the intake of dietary fiber, which is helpful in averting constipation. Include whole grains, cabbages, fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet.
  6. Consume a minimum of 2 servings of fresh fruits daily. Fruits are loaded with all the vital nutrients and help make up for any deficiencies.
  7. Flax seeds are also considered beneficial for the scalp and prevents hair loss
  8. Step up your intake of ‘hair foods’ – milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter milk, alfalfa, lettuce, and nuts. 
Home Remedies for Dandruff : Get Rid of Dry Scalp Naturally

Dryness of the scalp also contributes to the formation of dandruff. Here are some simple measures that can help in management of dry and flaky skin and also help in treating the problem of dandruff naturally.
  • Almond oil is very beneficial in the management of sensitive and dry scalp. Almond oil is loaded with Vitamin E which makes the skin supple and soft. Further, almond oil can also help fight dryness. Massage the scalp with almond oil for about half an hour and then rinse the scalp with cold water.
  • Blend one egg yolk with a spoon of olive oil and a few drops of orange oil. Add a few drop of rose water for fragrance. Apply this application once each day. Egg yolk nourishes the skin while olive oil supplies essential nutrients to the scalp. Orange is loaded with Vitamin C while rose water acts as a powerful astringent.
A multidisciplinary approach comprising of dietary measures and home remedies along with good hygeine measures can be beneficial in the prompt and effective management of dry scalp and dandruff.

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